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We focus on the Creation and Development of original Entertainment, Media, Film and Television Projects. Have a Film or TV show concept and don’t know where to begin? We offer consulting in the areas of Branding, Content Creation, Development, Distribution, Marketing and Publicity. Our team of Development Producers and Storytellers can help you prepare to pitch to major networks!

What is Development?

The start of a project varies, but generally will begin with development of a script, be that an existing script, a book, a brief story outline. Development may also start with a Director and/or Writer pitching an idea to a Producer.

Phases of Development include:

  • Rights Acquisition (Gaining rights to the project)
  • Writing & Re-writing
  • Proposal Creation
  • Financing
  • Tentative Distribution Plan

Our primary efforts include:

  • Review, organize and revise concept on paper as necessary.
  • Refine overall script, episodes and story arcs.
  • Guide sizzle reel.
  • Write one-sheet pitch.
  • Create formal treatment.
  • Write and create pitch deck.

Our secondary efforts (should you require help in this area) include:

  • Develop list of appropriate co-production partners and potential networks.
  • Set up pitch meetings with co-pro partners/networks.
  • Continue to finesse concept as necessary.
  • Follow-up with buyers, investors, networks and/or studios.

Helping you create an ideal TV sales or Pitch Package for your amazing project would be an honor. Schedule a consultation today.